Meet The Staff

Hines and Cecelia Pegram

Congregational Leadership

The crossover journey of Hines and Cecelia Pegram into covenant, Torah and the Messianic movement began in the 1990’s, including trips to Israel, Jubilee gathering in 1998, and Feasts of the L-rd facilitators. Since then, we have been members of Messianic Congregations in Charlotte and Wilmington, NC, serving in leadership … Read More

Carla Schwartz White

Shabbat School Coordinator

Carla Schwartz White is a Messianic believer coming to the faith and acceptance of Messiah Yeshua on November 10, 1982. I was ordained into Ministry in 1996 with 1 Timothy 2:5-7 as my calling. I was Vice-President of Light Ministries International from 1996-2014. I found Messiah in a Christian church under the name Jesus. … Read More