Hines and Cecelia Pegram

Congregational Leadership

The crossover journey of Hines and Cecelia Pegram into covenant, Torah and the Messianic movement began in the 1990’s, including trips to Israel, Jubilee gathering in 1998, and Feasts of the L-rd facilitators. Since then, we have been members of Messianic Congregations in Charlotte and Wilmington, NC, serving in leadership positions of Deacons, then Elders.

In 2010, El-hei Israel (The G-d of Israel) gave us a vision to advance His kingdom in our region of the Carolinas, and establish a Messianic Congregation and Synagogue to unify Torah pursuers.

The Melech Ha Olam mission is to do what Yeshua did while on the earth – keeping Biblical Judaism through the Father’s calendar, Feasts and Festivals, and His loving Torah. Together we desire to be followers of the truth, and servants of El Elyon (The Most High G-d).

“In our eyes it is amazing” what He is doing!

Baruch HaShem!