“Where are you?”, asks the Father

“Where are you?”, as we ponder the question that The Father asked Adam and Chava in The Garden.

Melech Ha Olam is searching out “the end from the beginning”, where we journey through B’resheet (Genesis) and the generations.  We look forward to life through His Living Torah, and being abundantly refreshed in the new year 5775!

We are now coming into November —  in our new month of Chesvan, the month of the flood, wherein we pray for rain in Eretz Isra’el and in our land.  We sense life in the earth seems more and more “as in the days of Noach”.   We reflect, pray and “look up, for our redemption draws nigh”.  We also anticipate the month of Kislev, wherein we will celebrate “The Dedication of Lights”.  There is yet another Hanukkah to come, so — get ready!

After His moving within us during His Fall Feasts, we also reflect personally upon the question:  “Where are you?”  Let us examine ourselves.

Have you “return(ed) us O L-rd to You”?  Has your heart “teshuvah” (repented, turned back)?  Are you restored, refreshed, ready to dwell eternally with your King?  We have humbled our hearts, and sounded the shofars and the words of our voices during the Feasts.  We have pronounced corporate and personal victory from our Father, through the only atoning sacrifice through His Son, whose blood has been sprinkled and accepted on The Heavenly Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies, the Veil, the Altar of Incense, and on the Horns of the Altar.  All honor and praise are in the hearts and tongues of His servants, as we proclaim His instruction to be “together as one” in Messiah Yeshua!

Having experienced His vigil through His Feasts, you should have renewed vigor, as we read and prayed, “Your face, AD-NAI, will I seek” !  However, if you’re still holding onto fleshly strongholds, ask Him to reveal it, and get rid of it…”by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony, not loving your life unto death”.  This is the “testimony of Yeshua”.   “Whoever loses his life shall find it”!  HaShem our Father sent His Son Yeshua to set the captives free, to release the chains and bonds of slavery to the world and the enemy.  “If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed”!  For out of Zion comes your Deliverer!  Any day, you can “call on the name of the L-rd”, “call on HIm while He is near”!  Be bold, take courage and be strong!  We cannot “serve two masters”.

Every day is spiritual warfare. Put on the armor of G-d and “fight the good fight”!  You can see “the goodness of the L-rd in the land of the living”, so don’t despair.  “Choose this day whom you will serve”!

Anew we will progress through B’resheet and the unfolding seed, truths and events of the generations of our patriarchs/matriarchs.  We are a people who have “crossed over” ( “Hebrew”/”ever”/”avar”  all translate — “cross over”! )!  By His grace and calling, we have gotten ourselves out, to be His covenanted people, “…being made holy, set apart for G-d, its end result is eternal life”!  !

In this New Year 5775, wherever He leads you, “run and not grow weary, walk and not faint”!  Take joy in your King!  That’s why we dance, sing, wave and make music on Shabbat and Festivals!

Remember Who “gently carries you by His outstretched arm”!  … and they “shall know Me”.

Hines and Cecelia