Carla Schwartz White

Shabbat School Coordinator

Carla Schwartz White is a Messianic believer coming to the faith and acceptance of Messiah Yeshua on November 10, 1982. I was ordained into Ministry in 1996 with 1 Timothy 2:5-7 as my calling. I was Vice-President of Light Ministries International from 1996-2014. I found Messiah in a Christian church under the name Jesus. After years of study of the Scriptures and my genealogy, I discovered my Jewish ancestry through my father, Carl Clyde Schwartz. In 1995, I discovered the Messianic movement and learned my Savior’s name is Yeshua (God saves), and that His desire is for His body to be ONE with the Foundation(TaNaKh) and the Cornerstone (Yeshua) together, making the One New Man/Messianic Kehilat. It is my desire for all believers in Yeshua to worship together in ONE house in UNITY.