“How can I be holy (as He is Holy)?

Each one of us … hold up your Word (Sword) of your Holy Scriptures … look at it and speak:  “This is Holiness.  This is Yeshua = Who became Word in the Flesh.  This is how I become and am holy = by obeying and doing all that He speaks to me.
“As I change my future, I can change my past!”
“Speaking to” — different from — “striking” — the rock for water at M’rivah 
We all know that the Spiritual rock is the One Who followed them through the B’mibar = Wilderness — 1 Corinthians 10:4 — Yeshua!
Yeshua — The “Mayim Chayim/Living Water” — has 2 showings on Earth, spoken and written by The Father.  During the 1st appearing, Yeshua was “beaten/struck”, scourged…died on a tree, then rose to be seated by The Father as our High Priest!  During the 1st water from the rock incident – Exodus 17 – Moshe was instructed to strike the rock with his staff; He did, and water flowed for all Israel.
 When Yeshua returns, He will not be struck the second time, for He will come back to rule and reign as King Yeshua!  The 2nd showing shall be victorious, with no beatings or “striking The Rock”!   Thus in Numbers 20, The Father instructed Moshe to only speak to the rock — not to strike it!  This is spiritual type and shadow for us to “see”!
For all who believe (hear and do!) in their hearts, and speak/confess with their mouths that Yeshua is L-rd, will be saved — Romans 10:9.
Remember, the most powerful force in the universe is the Word of G-d, spoken and written for us!  And He has given us “The Chai Torah/The Living Word” = Yeshua!   Let us forever speak to Him! 
Why “cast” a serpent image and put it on a pole?
The 1st Scriptural serpent interaction was in the Garden of Eden. When Adam (a meaning for Adam in Hebrew is “red”, and also means “earth”), looked upon it and listened to the serpent’s spoken words, he sinned and was “cast” out of the Garden. He looked to the wrong, evil one, and through all humankind (1st Adam) into sin nature.
In this 2nd Scriptural reference to the serpent snake  in this Torah portion Hukkat), for all those who had been bitten by the poisonous serpent snakes — but listened to the Word of The Creator through Moshe and came and looked “up” at the serpent lifted up on a pole — their sin was “cast” out, and they were healed by the One Who has overcome the power and the poison of the serpent!  This spiritual picture demonstrated to all Israel the One promised Messiah prophesied to come — a Prophet like unto Moshe”!
And we are among those who look up” see and know that He has come!  And to all who will look “up” to Him and hear and do His spoken and recorded words will be healed and forgiven of their sins!
By following the 2nd Adam — Who can “cast” us through our B’minbar/Wilderness — we will be lifted “up” to the Promised Land!  One day we will be taken back to The Garden, for all who “speak”  belief!
Obey and do righteousness, which leads to holiness!
Is He the Type and Shadow of the Red Heifer?  >>  YES!
As we discern above, there is no coincidence that the substitutionary animal is “RED” (Adam) in color.  This Torah portion Hukkat also records the sin of Edom (which means “red”), who would not allow passage of Israel through their territory.
(Edom even attacked the rear camp of Israel!  Obadiah records the consequence of their action against israel).
Yeshua was completely offered/sacrificed “outside the camp”, on the “rocks” of Golgotha.  His death lived out the picture to all Israel of the Red Heifer sacrifice, that cleanses from death and sin.  Yeshua spiritually manifests the pictures explained in B’minbar Chapter 19, including:
1) the cedar wood (which could have been used for the execution stake) … as He was executed on the wooden stake.
2)  the hyssop (which points to the Passover blood applied with hyssop to the doorposts and “lentil” — the upper part of the doorpost which is now called the “lintel.”  Also reference the “red lentil” soup prepared for Esau — who became the people of Edom.
 And the hyssop points to the hyssop used to offer Him vinegar as He was dying.  Psalm 51:7 speaks:  “Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean.”
3) the scarlet yarn — again we have: RED, symbolizing the cleansing and healing by blood — The RED BLOOD OF OUR MESSIAH YESHUA!
Thus the “clean,” Holy water of our Messiah Yeshua “Red Heifer”, sprinkled on us, using the bunch of hyssop as described in B’minbar/Leviticus 19:18, cleanses us from death contact and enables us to enter into His Presence when He will be seated on His throne in Yerushalayim.
AMAZING = HE even saves us from a 2nd death contact — the last enemy to be defeated!  1 Cor. 15:57 — “Thanks be to G-d, Who gives us the victory through our L-rd Yeshua the Messiah!”

1 – 2 – 3 … HALLELUJAH!

Melech Ha Olam
Hines and Cecelia